Valentinovo na satu engleskog jezika…

admin   21 February, 2019  

1Učenici petih razreda su povodom Valentinova na satu engleskog jezika pisali kratke ljubavne pjesme. Ovo su samo neki njihovi radovi.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My heart is red,
Yours is blue,
Get me a rose
And I’ll be happy for you.

Jakov Mateković, 5.a

Romantic colour is red,
I am not sad,
My heart is big
And that’s not bad.

Alen Miketić, 5.a

Roses are red,
My heart is small,
I don’t know what
Can I give you at all?

Mihael  Štagar, 5.a

My heart is big,
Yours is small,
I will get you some wine
And all will be fine.

Jakov Mateković, 5.a