Engleska radionica i njihova priča…

admin   30 October, 2018  

slikaUčenici su danas  30. studenog obilježili Halloween – praznik koji se slavi u zemljama engleskog govornog područja, prigodnom pričom koju su sastavili na satovima slobodne aktivnosti – Engleske radionice.

A Halloween Story

Once upon a time there was a big monster. It was a terrible monster who lived in a haunted house. One night he went from door to door, so he could scare the kids.

First, he knocked at the school door. The headmistress opened the door and she screamed. Then,  the monster went inside because he wanted to eat all the kids. He attacked the 5th grade. The kids were having English, but the teacher knew a secret chant to calm the monster down.  It was this: „Abracadabra, up and down, all the monsters fall asllep now!“

The monster fell down. Then they called the dog catchers and they put the monster in a big cage. Finally, they put the cage on an desolate island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. The kids were saved forever.

by    A. J. Bertić, A. Uroić and T. Joć


Happy Halloween!